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Fueling with Auto Gas

2008 Ford F-150 Propane Vehicle

Autogas is the use of Propane as automotive fuel. It is considered an alternative fuel since it is cleaner than conventional automotive fuels.

For vehicles to be able to run on autogas, their engines need to be converted first. All gasoline-fed automobile and 4-stroke motorcycle engines can be converted into autogas. There is no modification in the system, but installation of gas injectors, vapouriser unit, engine control unit and fuel tank is needed. Once done, these vehicles can run either on gasoline or Propane (or bi-fuel vehicles).

Why use Autogas? Autogas has a number of benefits:

Environmental Benefits

Autogas is cleaner than conventional fuels. Compared with gasoline fueled vehicles, Propane typically has around 20% less ozone forming potential (a measure of its tendency to generate photochemical smog, which causes cancer and respiratory problems), at least 15% lower greenhouse gas emissions, and up to 80% less toxic emissions.

Technological Benefits

Feedback from those already using autogas vehicles includes less maintenance, minimized pilferage, lesser engine vibration and comparable power output and torque with gasoline engines.

Price Advantage

Autogas is priced lower than gasoline.

How safe is it to use Autogas?

Autogas filler nozzleAutogas is non-toxic. Leaks can be detected because an odorant is added to the fuel as a safety measure. In addition to this, its fuel line systems are fitted with safety devices and shut-off valves that function automatically if the fuel line ever ruptures.

Autogas cylinders are also manufactured with a device that shuts off the filling process when the tank reaches 80% of its liquid capacity. Its vehicle tanks are made from carbon steel and are 20 times more puncture resistant than a typical gasoline tank. Many of those who have used Autogas claim it is safer than gasoline.