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Cherry Energy Products - Solar Energy

Photovoltaic & Hot Water Systems

Solar Arrays in KinstonCherry Energy has been involved in solar energy systems since 1999.  We sell a full line of Photovoltaic Panels and the associated equipment to produce solar electricity.  We also sell solar hot water systems.


Solar Education Cart



The Solar Education Cart illustrates how light becomes electricty - perfect for classroom presentations. Contact us to find out more.





Photovoltaic Array - Mother Earth Brewery

Photovoltaic installation at Mother Earth Brewery runs the taproom.

Solar hot water system at Mother Earth Brewery used for distilling.

Cherry Energy partners with Group III Management to install this 5Kwh Solar System at the Lindsay Warren Visitors Center in Manteo, NC.

Photovoltaic solar panels at Neuseway Nature Park and Science Museum

2.6 kW Photovoltaic system installed in 2001 at the Kinston-Lenoir Neuseway Nature Park.