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About Us

About Cherry Energy

Guy T. Cherry founded Cherry Oil in 1928. Today the company is run by his grandson Jay Cherry, Jr., and his family. The main office/showroom is located at 2213 Hull Road and the fuels bulk plant is located at 2947 Hull Road, both in Kinston, NC. Company operations are managed by Jason Cherry, great-grandson of the founder. Cherry Energy supplies six BP-branded, six Pure branded, and six non-branded sites (including marinas). Cherry Energy also provides alternative energy solutions, including Biodiesel, Propane Autogas and photovoltaic systems providing solar electricity and solar hot water. Cherry Energy is a leader in creating optimixed energy solutions for consumers and business applications.

In 1992 Cherry Oil acquired Kinston-based Carey Oil including four retail convenience store sites. In 1999 the company formed C-Energy Solar. Another acquisition was made in 2003 when the company purchased the Kinston operations of Dumas Oil. In 2005 Cherry Oil purchased Herring Gas adding Propane to its line of products.

In December of 2006 Cherry Oil changed its operating name to Cherry Energy. The new name was selected to better identify with the wide range of products and services now offered.

In 2009, Cherry Energy purchased D. M. Price & Sons adding office operations in Seven Springs, NC.

As we pursue our mission and strive to become a trusted one-stop shop for our residential and commercial customers, Cherry Energy offers:

Our History

1928 – Cherry Oil founded by Guy T. Cherry
1992 – Cherry Oil acquires Kinston-based Carey Oil. The acquisition includes four retail convenience store sites
1999 – Cherry Oil forms C-Energy Solar
2003 – Cherry Oil acquires Kinston operations of Dumas Oil
2005 – Cherry Oil acquires Herring Gas, adding propane gas to its product line
2006 – Cherry Oil changes its name to Cherry Energy to better represent the wide range of its products and services
2009 – Cherry Energy purchases D.M. Price & Sons, adding office operations in Seven Springs, NC
2018 – Cherry Energy moves into its new location at 2213 Hull Road, Kinston NC

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