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Alternative Energy

Clean energy solutions: biodiesel, autogas and solar

Today, there is a stronger focus on the types of energy we all use and the impact our choices have on the environment. This heightened environmental awareness has resulted in the rapid growth of alternative energy sources—including three that we specialize in: biodiesel, propane autogas and solar power.

At Cherry Energy, we embrace these alternative fuels because they generate fewer emissions and can significantly lower energy costs for your North Carolina home or business.


Biodiesel is an alternative fuel produced from renewable domestic resources such as plant oils, animal fats and even used cooking oil.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, biodiesel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 57% or more compared with petroleum diesel. This makes biodiesel one of the most cost-effective ways to address climate change.

Due to its greater lubricity and lower emissions levels, biodiesel enhances the performance of diesel engine and improves their longevity. Best of all, biodiesel can be used in existing diesel engines without the need for modifications. Read more.

Propane autogas

There may come a day when, instead of filling your car’s tank with gasoline or your truck with diesel, you’ll “fill ’er up” with propane autogas instead.

Propane autogas is not only the third most common fuel in the United States—topped only by gasoline and diesel—it’s also the world’s most common alternative fuel, powering more than 17 million vehicles on the road today, including light- and medium-duty trucks, vans and buses.

What makes propane a leading alternative fuel for vehicles of all kinds is its lesser environmental impact. Some estimates project that converting a vehicle to propane can reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 90%.

You can count on propane refueling technology to deliver as dependably as the vehicles themselves. Refueling with propane autogas is quick, quiet and safe. It’s the same experience as refueling with diesel or gasoline, making the transition to propane autogas easy for fleets. Read more.


Advancements in technology and the expansion of the solar industry have driven prices for solar panels down dramatically, and tax incentives and innovative new financing models make going solar more attractive than ever.

The Cherry Energy solar-solutions team will help walk you through your leasing and tax-incentive options to get you the system you want at the best price available.

We can advise on all aspects of solar-panel and PV (photovoltaic) system execution — from design and permitting to installation and integration with other home systems — to create an attractive, high-performance solar solution that meets your unique needs. Read more.

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