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Keep An Eye On Your Tank In The Cold Weather!

After a mild start to winter 2020/21, we can officially declare that winter has arrived here in North Carolina (thanks to our old friend the polar vortex). Frigid temperatures like the ones we’ve seen recently can cause you to use more propane gas than you expected to or planned for. That’s why, if you’re a […]

Propane Safety Reminders For Winter

Among home energy sources, propane gas has one of the best safety records around. But like any fuel that you use inside your home, you need to take precautions when dealing with propane or propane appliances – and know what to do, quickly, if a problem arises. Tips For Using Propane Safely Here are some important […]

How To Stay Prepared For Winter Weather

Propane is a great fuel to have around during winter, offering an efficient, powerful, and green way to keep your family safe and comfortable as temperatures plunge here in North Carolina. But as a propane delivery customer, you have some important things to keep in mind during the cold months, especially before, during, and after […]

Propane Is Great For Your Business, Too

Propane gas is one of the smartest and versatile ways to power equipment in your Eastern North Carolina home – but don’t sell it short for your business, either. Because propane burns hot and clean, commercial propane appliances and heating systems can achieve efficiency ratings that reach well into the 90s. With that kind of performance, opting […]

Propane was made for farming

Propane Was Made For Farming

Looking for ways to be more efficient and productive in your North Carolina farm or agribusiness? Propane and propane-powered farm and commercial equipment can help you with both.

Whole house generators: Your backup plan for severe weather

Whole House Generators: Your Bad Weather Backup Plan

The way 2020 has gone so far, it’s probably best to be prepared for anything as we transition from summer to fall – and one of the best ways to get face unpredictability at home is to install a whole-house propane backup generator.

More schools turning to propane autogas to power their fleet

More Schools Turn To Propane Autogas To Power Their Fleets

Schools are known for being smart – it’s kind of what they do. So when school bus fleets around the country start converting their vehicles to propane autogas, it’s something to take note of.

Is a propane tankless water heater right for me?

Is A Propane Tankless Water Heater Right For Me?

Smart homeowners throughout North Carolina are taking advantage of propane’s many benefits – and one of the best ways to do that is to install a propane tankless water heater.

Tips for healthy summer grilling

Summer Grilling: 5 Tips To Make It Healthy

We all know how great food tastes when it’s prepared on a propane gas grill. But can that great-tasting food also be healthy?

Keep it fun: Teaching propane safety to children

Teaching Propane Safety To Children

If you own a propane-powered home, one of your biggest responsibilities is to make sure that everyone in it knows what to do in a propane emergency – including, or maybe even especially, your children.