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Which Generator Is Right for Your Home?

Whole House Generators vs Portable Generators At Cherry Energy, we know keeping your family safe and comfortable is a top priority for you. Unfortunately, severe weather is becoming increasingly common in eastern North Carolina. And severe weather often leads to power outages. Power outages are more than an inconvenience. If you’re not prepared, they can […]

How Much Grill Time Does My Tank Have?

Tips for Checking Your Tank’s Level Summertime is grilling time. And there’s so much to love about propane grills. They’re easy to start and clean, and they heat up quickly. They deliver precise and consistent temperature control. They cost about 50% less to operate than electric cooking methods. And because they don’t rely on an […]

Improve Your Outdoor Space with Propane

Up Your Grill Game and Outdoor Living Summer is in full swing now in eastern North Carolina. Now is the season to get even more out of your outdoor space, and propane can help you do that. Cherry Energy makes propane delivery in NC easy. You can trust us to get you your propane when […]

Enjoy the Benefits of Grilling With Propane

Have a Delicious Summer! It’s BBQ season in eastern North Carolina! Make it a delicious summer by having the best BBQ on the block. It’s time to fire up the grill and get cooking. And if you’re wondering what type of grill you should use, choose propane. Whether you’re an ambitious chef or just want […]

Propane Safety During Thunderstorms

Do you know what to do? There’s nothing more important that the safety of your family. When thunderstorms strike near your eastern North Carolina home, do you know what to do to make sure everyone is safe? When it comes to propane safety and thunderstorms, there are some important things you need to know. Storm […]

Understanding Heating Oil & Propane Price Fluctuations

An important message to our customers It can be frustrating and downright painful at times when you see things you and your family depend on getting more and more expensive. If you’re one of Cherry Energy’s heating oil or propane customers, know that propane and heating oil still both represent highly efficient and safe ways […]

Shocking Spike in Fuel Prices

Unsurprisingly, we’ve been getting many calls around two connected issues: the surge in fuel prices and supply concerns. People are astounded by how much prices have risen and how fast. So are we. They are also concerned that there will be interruptions in supply that will cause them to run out of fuel.   The […]

Whole-House Propane Generators

The benefits for your household There are many compelling reasons to invest in a whole-house propane generator for your eastern North Carolina home. And Cherry Energy expertly installs whole-house generators that can be integrated with your home comfort systems so that your family is safe and comfortable in all types of weather. With extreme weather […]

Propane Fireplaces

A smart solution for your home Cherry Energy does more than supply our eastern North Carolina customers with quality propane and heating oil. We also sell hearth products that can add warmth and ambiance to your living space. Our goal is to provide you with smart energy solutions for your home or business. Visit our […]

Looking for a Reliable Diesel Fuel Delivery Company?

Choose Cherry Energy If you’re looking for reliable service and a quality diesel fuel product for your eastern North Carolina business, look no further than Cherry Energy. We’ve spent nearly 95 years meeting the needs of commercial construction, farming, manufacturing, and other industrial businesses in the region. We’re a partner you can rely on to […]