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Fireplace gas log set

With a Propane Gas Log Set, an Evening in Front of the Fire Is Just a Click Away

Most of us love the warm, inviting glow of a fireplace. The problem – at least if you have a traditional wood burning hearth – is how much effort it takes to get just a few hours of enjoyment from it.

Generac Powermate 3500

What Is the Best Portable Propane Generator? the One You Win for Free!

There’s nothing like seeing a new piece of home comfort equipment in action to know whether or not it’s right for your North Carolina home.

Preparing for Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian is headed our way…be ready! Here are safety reminders as we prepare for this dangerous storm: Listen to your local authorities and evacuate if needed! Use extreme caution when returning to your property. Create an emergency plan and review it with your family; for tips on making one, visit Post a list […]


Are Standby Generators Worth It?

Did you know that power outages happen almost twice as frequently today as they did just a decade ago?

Hot water shower

Tankless vs. Storage Heaters

Why pay to heat water you won’t use right away – or pay to heat the same water twice?

Hurricane season

Atlantic Hurricane Season 2019: What You Need to Know

June is here, which means that Atlantic Hurricane Season 2019 is officially underway – just nine months after Florence tore through North Carolina and left a path of destruction in in her wake.

Memorial Day burger

Crafting the Perfect Memorial Day Burger

May is National Barbecue Month, capped off later in the month by Memorial Day – traditionally one of the biggest outdoor grilling weekends of the year.

Make every day Earth Day in your North Carolina home or business

Each year, on April 22, people take to streets, parks, and auditoriums to celebrate Earth Day – a chance to come together and express our passion for creating a more healthy and sustainable planet. The question is, how do we continue to live in the spirit of Earth Day on the other 364 days a year? […]

Mother, baby, and dog

What Is a Combi Boiler?

Modern homes are all about efficiency – and for many of us, that includes space efficiency. Smart solutions that save us money, energy, or floor space can really make a difference in our quality of life; in the case of a combi boiler, you get all three benefits.

Sitting down warm

Direct Vent vs. Vent-Free Space Heaters

Today’s propane space heaters are efficient, powerful devices that can really transform a hard-to-heat living space in your North Carolina home – whether that space is your basement, a sunroom, a garage, or even a whole section of your home.