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”Climate Friendly and Climate Ready”: Propane Autogas in Our National Parks

Posted: July 20, 2018

Acadia national park

Summer is the perfect time to hit the road and see America – and if you’re lucky enough to have your travels take you to see the wonders of our National Parks, be on the lookout for a propane logo on the back of the park’s tour and maintenance vehicles.

That logo means the vehicle is powered by propane autogas – a fuel that forward-thinking fleet managers in the National Park Service (NPS) and elsewhere are turning to now more than ever before.

NPS teams from Acadia to Zion are converting their vehicles to propane or dual-fuel power to reduce emissions, save money, and create a more “climate friendly and climate ready” environment for the park’s more than 294 million annual visitors. Fleet managers are reporting savings of up to 70 cents per gallon since making the switch – great news for them and for the Clean Cities National Parks Initiative.

But the benefits or propane aren’t limited to cost savings, or even to vehicles: NPS fleet managers are reporting that they have doubled their driving range since making the switch, while park maintenance crews are increasingly turning to propane to power their commercial land maintenance equipment.

Check out this video to see how propane autogas is helping the National Park Service to reduce its environmental impact and make its fleet more sustainable.

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