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Crafting the Perfect Memorial Day Burger

Posted: May 13, 2019

Memorial Day burger

May is National Barbecue Month, capped off later in the month by Memorial Day – traditionally one of the biggest outdoor grilling weekends of the year.

Looking for tips for crafting the perfect burger this Memorial Day? Here are 10 of the best for the long holiday weekend.

  1. Start with a clean grill. Clean your grill with a wire brush before you start cooking your burgers; get it nice and hot to burn off whatever bits of food are left from the last cook.
  2. Oil the grates before cooking. Soak a clean dishtowel or paper towel in olive oil, then apply it to the grill grates. This will give your burgers a good, clean sear.
  3. Skip the salt. Avoid adding salt to your ground meat mixture; it will dry out the meat. Instead, sprinkle your burgers with salt before you put it on the grill.
  4. Remember: different meats, different cooking styles. Different burger meats need different cooking treatments. For a chicken burger, use medium flame and light oil. For a beef burger, use a blend of short loin, chuck and brisket with an 85/15 meat-to-fat ratio. For a veggie burger, use ether potato or sweet potato to bind the patty. For tofu, rubbing grates with olive oil before grilling.
  5. Cook on direct heat. Unlike hot dogs, burgers cook best over direct heat. Keep them right over those flames!
  6. Don’t push it. Pushing down on a burger presses out all the natural juices – and all the flavor with it. Don’t do it!
  7. Don’t over-flip. Flip your burgers only once, and avoid doing it too soon. If your burger sticks, it’s not ready to flip: your burger will release from the grate if it’s cooked on that side.
  8. Keep the lid closed. If you constantly open your grill to view cooking progress, you’re releasing most of the heat that will cook your burger properly.
  9. Give it a rest. Give your burger a few minutes to settle before serving it; this will drive the juices to the center of the burger.
  10. Get creative. The internet is filled with great burger recipes. Check out some of these sites for creative ways to avoid “same ‘ol burger” syndrome:

Memorial Day is coming – fill your propane barbecue cylinders for your big burger bash! Contact Cherry Energy today to learn more.