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Diesel Delivery for Your Business

Posted: March 13, 2023

On-Road, Off-Road and Biodiesel in North Carolina

diesel delivery lenoir county, nc With nearly 100 years of experience serving our commercial fuel customers in North Carolina, Cherry Energy understands the importance of combining reliable delivery service with a range of high-quality diesel fuel products. Here’s a look at the diesel fuel products we can deliver for your business.

Ultra-Low Sulfur On-Road Diesel

Our clean-burning ultra-low sulfur on-road diesel fuel allows you to reduce harmful greenhouse emissions from your fleet. Businesses who depend on us for this type of fuel include construction, marine and boating, bus and shuttle companies, golf courses and warehouses.

Ultra-Low Sulfur Off-Road Diesel

We deliver this clean-burning fuel for use in such equipment as industrial heating & cooling systems, generators, pumps, agricultural and earth-moving machinery, piling and drilling, cranes and more.

Biodiesel Fuel

Biodiesel is produced from a broad range of renewable resources, including soybean oil, animal fats and recycled cooking oil. While biodiesel on its own contains no petroleum, it can be blended with ultra-low sulfur petroleum diesel in varying ratios. Cherry Energy can provide your business with various blends, starting with B5 (5% biodiesel and 95% ultra-low sulfur diesel).

Biodiesel is the first and only EPA-designated advanced biofuel in commercial-scale production across the country and it can be used in existing diesel engines without modification.

While light-, medium- and heavy-duty diesel vehicles are not technically defined as alternative fuel vehicles, almost all are capable of running on biodiesel blends.

How Biodiesel Saves You Money

Biodiesel raises the cetane number of the fuel and improves fuel lubricity. A higher cetane number means the engine is easier to start and reduces ignition delay.

Diesel engines depend on the lubricity of the fuel to prevent moving parts from wearing prematurely. Improved lubricity reduces friction within the moving parts, avoiding additional wear. A primary advantage of biodiesel is that it can improve the lubricity of the fuel at blend levels as low as 1%!

Programs to Support Your Business

Whether your business depends on biodiesel blends, on-road diesel or off-road diesel, we can provide the kind of support and convenience that may be hard to find elsewhere. Our value-added services include:

Make Cherry Energy your first choice for your diesel fuel delivery for your North Carolina business. We have been a family-owned enterprise since 1928, and we offer superior service, expertise, and a progressive approach. In fact, we are one of the most forward-looking fuel companies in the Southeast.

Contact us today to become a customer and learn more about how we can help your business keep moving forward.