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Direct Vent vs. Vent-Free Space Heaters

Posted: February 11, 2019

Sitting down warm

Today’s propane space heaters are efficient, powerful devices that can really transform a hard-to-heat living space in your North Carolina home – whether that space is your basement, a sunroom, a garage, or even a whole section of your home.

Equipped with thermostats, blowers, and other advanced performance and safety features, today’s space heaters will keep you warm and comfortable with even heat from floor to ceiling.

But how do you choose a propane space heater that’s right for you? Here are some basics to help get you started in your space heater search.

Space heater type 1: Direct vent

Direct vent space heaters are essentially propane-fired combustion boxes that use outdoor air to create heat; any fumes produced by combustion are vented directly outside your home via a small pipe through an exterior wall.

Direct vent space heaters offer a powerful, flexible, economical and unobtrusive alternative to installing a traditional furnace or boiler. They feature:

Space heater type 2: Vent-free space heaters

Vent-free propane space heaters require neither venting nor ductwork to operate, and both are available in a variety of capacities to suit just about any home or work space.

Compared to direct vent options, vent-free propane heaters are less expensive and offer greater installation flexibility, since they don’t require outdoor venting or access to an external wall. However, unlike direct vent options, combustion fumes in both vent-free options are vented inside the home, which affect some people who are sensitive to odors or allergies.

Vent-Free gas heaters are available in two basic types: blue flame or infrared; both are extremely efficient (typically more than 99 percent), using the about the same amount of gas to produce the same amount of overall heat.

The bottom line

Whatever choice you make, a propane space heater can recover a “lost,” hard-to-heat room with ease; they’re a great, cost-efficient choice for any home with a heating challenge.

Not sure what kind of space heater to choose for your North Carolina home? Why not check out a few in person at our new demo showroom! Look for details about our grand opening in coming blogs, or contact us to get a FREE, no obligation estimate on a space heater installation!