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More Schools Turn To Propane Autogas To Power Their Fleets

Posted: August 10, 2020

propane school bus fleet north carolina

Schools are known for being smart – it’s kind of what they do. So when school bus fleets around the country start converting their vehicles to propane autogas, it’s something to take note of.

That’s exactly what’s been happening for the better part of the last decade: in fact, since 2012, the registration of propane Autogas vehicles to school bus fleets has risen more than 700 percent – more than any other fuel alternative. Today, nearly one million students in school districts across the country get to school in a bus-powered by autogas – a testament to the safety, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and eco-performance of propane as a vehicle fuel.

Three reasons to choose propane to power your school bus fleet

Why choose to upgrade your school fleet to run on propane Autogas? Here are three great reasons:

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