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Acadia national park

”Climate Friendly and Climate Ready”: Propane Autogas in Our National Parks

Summer is the perfect time to hit the road and see America – and if you’re lucky enough to have your travels take you to see the wonders of our National Parks, be on the lookout for a propane logo on the back of the park’s tour and maintenance vehicles.

Paying bills

Predictable Is Good: Sign up for Cherry’s Level Payment Plan

We’ve certainly had our share of up and down weather over the last year, with single-day 30 degree temperature swings becoming common occurrences.


Four Ways to Cut Your Water Heating Bills

Did you know that water heating is the 2nd largest operating expense in your home – typically accounting for 14-18 percent of your utilities each month, according to the Department of Energy (DOE)?

Propane flame

Up Your Home Energy Efficiency with Propane

Propane is, without question, one of the most versatile ways to power your home comfort equipment – but that flexibility wouldn’t matter very much if it didn’t also do its job so well.

Delivery truck fleet

Preaching from the Converted: The Autogas Advantage

When it comes to Propane AutoGas for fleet use, we are – literally – the converted (we made the leap in 2016 and never looked back).

Holding coat

2018 in a Nutshell: Be Ready for Anything

We’ve had a roller-coaster year weather-wise here in North Carolina so far in 2018. Want proof? Try this on for size: we’ve experienced a 30-degree temperature change within a 24-hour period three times since the holidays.

Carbon monoxide sign

Winter CO Safety Reminders

The year 2018 has started with a bang here in the North Carolina, with Old Man Winter unleashing record-setting cold throughout the region.

Holiday gift

A Holiday Gift for You and a Friend

Do you have a friend who you think would benefit from experiencing the Cherry Difference? Why not bring him into the Cherry family of customers and earn a $100 credit for each of you?

Warm indoors

Five Propane Upgrades for Fall and Winter

Propane is one of the most versatile fuels around – and if your house already has a propane tank (or even if it doesn’t), there are many ways it can boost your quality of life this fall and winter.

Add a Cozy Propane Hearth to Your North Carolina Home

There’s nothing like having a glowing fire to gather around on a cool autumn or cold winter night. But for many people, the inconvenience of wood fire set-up and cleanup leads them to skip the simple pleasures of a hearth altogether.