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Predictable Is Good: Sign up for Cherry’s Level Payment Plan

Posted: June 20, 2018

Paying bills

We’ve certainly had our share of up and down weather over the last year, with single-day 30 degree temperature swings becoming common occurrences. This was particularly true last winter here in North Carolina, when we had record-breaking lows in early January after a relatively mild holiday season.

For our pay-as-you-go customers, that weather seesaw meant getting some heating bill “surprises” in their mail boxes last February and March. But our Level Payment Plan customers didn’t get those surprises – they knew what they were going to pay for their monthly heating oil or propane deliveries the moment they signed up.

That’s because our Level Payment Plan splits your annual heating bill into 12 equal payments (with a one-time adjustment bill – up or down – at the end of the contract). With Level Payment, you’ll get the same monthly heating bill no matter how much heating oil or propane you use.

Oh, and did we mention that signing up for our Level Payment Plan is FREE*?

We know the last thing you’re probably thinking about as we inch closer to July 4th Weekend is high home heating bills. But that’s exactly why it’s a great idea to get the headache out of the way now – just in time to kick back for some Independence Day celebrating.

Plan ahead – sign up for Cherry Energy’s Level Payment Plan today and get more predictable heating bills in the 2018-2019 heating season!

*The Level Payment Plan is offered for Auto-Fill customers that purchase gas or oil with a price cap or at market price.