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Propane for Your Landscaping Business

Posted: September 13, 2021

What You Need To Know About Propane and Landscaping

bulk propane north carolinaHave you considered using propane to power your commercial lawnmowers and other landscaping equipment? There are a lot of benefits to switching from gasoline to propane. Consider the following eight reasons propane is the right choice for your Eastern North Carolina landscaping business:

  1. Versatility: Propane can power your trucks, mowers, trimmers, and more. And it out-performs gasoline in a lot of ways.
  2. Safe & Easy: Refueling is a breeze with propane. Just come to Cherry Energy to replace your empty tank with a full one or fill multiple tanks at our refilling station. It’s that easy. It’s also safer and cleaner because propane is nontoxic.
  3. Cost: Propane isn’t taxed and is generally less expensive per gallon than gasoline. You’ll also save money on maintenance and repairs.
  4. Equipment Longevity: Because propane burns so cleanly, it leaves less residue on engines. As a result, your engines will see less wear and tear and will last longer. This saves you even more money, as you won’t have to fix or replace equipment as frequently.
  5. Less Maintenance: Engines that run on propane require less maintenance than their gasoline counterparts. You and your employees can be more productive if your equipment is more dependable.
  6. Carbon Footprint: Burning propane instead of gasoline will improve the air quality in your neighborhood. In addition, your business will grow because eco-conscious clients will be more likely to hire you.
  7. Flexible Fueling: You can choose whether you’d like your propane delivered to you or distributed from a fueling station.
  8. Made in America: The vast majority (more than 90%) of propane is produced domestically. The transportation and delivery of propane from source to end user has a smaller carbon footprint than fuels that originate abroad.

You know how competitive the landscaping business can be in Eastern North Carolina. By using propane in your lawn maintenance equipment, you can go green, save money, and increase your profits.

Cherry Energy is Eastern North Carolina’s first choice for propane. Contact us today to find out more about how our propane products and services can benefit your landscaping business.