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Propane plus Solar: A Zero Net Energy Solution?

Posted: April 17, 2020

zero net energy solution north carolina

If you live in a conventional home here in North Carolina (as most of us do), you pay a utility bill to keep the lights and heat on, with your home doing little (if anything) to contribute to your energy bottom line. But there is a certain type of home that is actually designed to produce energy as well as use it; if the design of the house is done well enough, the two will actually offset each other.

When the amount of energy produced by a home matches the amount of energy used by the home, it is called a ZNE – a Zero Net Energy home.

Want to learn more about ZNEs in North Carolina? Here are five important questions and answers to get you started. If you have more, please contact us today.

Your Zero Net Energy Questions Answered

Considering construction of a ZNE in North Carolina? We can help. With expertise in solar panel installation and propane appliance installation in NC, Cherry Energy can help make your ZNE dream a reality. Contact us today to learn more.

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