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Propane vs Electricity

Posted: October 17, 2022

Choosing for Your North Carolina Home

why propane north carolinaHopefully, you spent the past summer enjoying your outdoor space even more thanks to some great propane appliances like a propane grill or pool heater. And now that autumn has come to eastern North Carolina, you can continue enjoying your backyard even on cooler days and nights thanks to your propane fire pit or patio heater.

There’s so much that propane can do in and around your home. And Cherry Energy makes propane delivery in NC easy. We’re one of the most forward-thinking fuel companies in the Southeast.

Perhaps you’ve heard about some states trying to legislate to advance the electrification movement. And so you might be wondering whether you’re better off having propane versus electricity powering your home. Which is the most cost-effective and energy-efficient choice for your home? Well, let’s take a look at some of the benefits propane offers and how it compares to electricity.

Propane Is Very Versatile

Propane is remarkably versatile. There’s so much it can do in and around your Eastern North Carolina home. Propane appliances do a great job of heating your home and hot water, drying your clothes, and cooking your meals. Propane can also power your pool heater, space heater, grill, fire pit, and outdoor lighting. And since it’s safe and portable, you can take it tailgating this football season.

Propane Is Eco-Friendly

Propane is eco-friendly. Unlike electricity, propane is a primary energy source. That means propane can be used as it is. Electricity, on the other hand, is a secondary energy source. Electricity must be created. Unfortunately, most electricity in the US is created by burning fossil fuels. In fact, coal-burning power plants are the second-largest source of electricity in America. And those power plants negatively affect the environment.

Propane Is Very Powerful

Electricity falls far behind propane when it comes to the number of BTUs generated. It takes less propane versus electricity to produce the same amount of heat energy. That makes propane a more efficient (and therefore cost-effective) way to heat your home.

In fact, the colder it gets, the better propane heating systems do as compared to electric heating systems. Electric heat pumps quickly become unsatisfactory as the outside temperatures approach freezing.

Propane Is Very Efficient

Many propane appliances work more efficiently than their electric counterparts. For example, a propane clothes dryer saves you time, money, and energy by drying your clothes 25% faster than an electric dryer. Propane clothes dryers are also gentler on your clothes, and you end up with less static cling. Your clothes will also have fewer wrinkles, so you’ll spend less time and energy ironing.

Here’s another example: Propane water heaters tend to outperform electric water heaters. The average propane water heater can produce twice as much hot water as a comparable electric water heater in the same amount of time.

The operating costs for a propane water heater are also about 30% less than that of an electric water heater. And a tankless propane water heater will save you even more money while providing all the hot water your household needs.

Choose Propane

To recap, in the contest between propane and electricity, there are a lot of good reasons to choose propane for your home.

However, there’s another very good reason to choose propane over electricity. Hurricane season has already begun and taken a toll on numerous communities. Severe weather often leads to power outages. You simply can’t always count on electricity. However, you can always count on propane. If there’s a power outage, you can still cook on your propane grill. And if you have a whole-house propane generator, it can keep all of your home’s appliances up and running during a blackout. Cherry Energy sells and installs portable and whole-house propane generators to help you weather any storm.

Choose Cherry Energy

Cherry Energy makes propane delivery in North Carolina easy. We also sell and install innovative propane appliances. Got questions? Our knowledgeable staff is ready and able to help you choose the best propane products for your home.

Make Cherry Energy your first choice for propane and propane appliances in Eastern Carolina. Contact us today!