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Renewable Propane 101

Posted: December 13, 2021

renewable propane north carolinaPropane can do a lot for your home in eastern North Carolina: It’s one of the cleanest and most efficient fuel options. It’s also very versatile. Propane can run a variety of home appliances and is usually more cost-effective than electricity. Propane also has a low carbon profile. It’s a natural by-product of energy production and doesn’t require any expensive infrastructure for its production or delivery.

What is Renewable propane?

Renewable propane is at the forefront of a worldwide quest for cleaner energy sources with a smaller carbon impact. Renewable propane is similar to traditional propane chemically and in terms of its physical properties. However, because renewable propane isn’t made from fossil fuels, it presents a number of advantages to the environment.

How renewable propane is made

Renewable propane is made from water residues and sustainably sourced materials like agricultural waste, cooking oil, and meat fats. It’s often made as a coproduct with biodiesel. Because renewable propane has so many natural sources, it has the potential to be widely available.

Is renewable propane good for the environment?

Renewable propane offers two main benefits for the environment:

  1. Landfill diversion: When cooking oils and animal fats are recycled to create biodiesel and renewable propane, less waste ends up in landfills. That’s good for the planet.
  2. Carbon reduction: Renewable propane has a better carbon intensity than other energy sources. Compared to diesel or gasoline, the carbon intensity of renewable propane is up to 5 times better. And compared to electricity from the US power grid, it’s up to 1 ½ times better.

Production sites

There are a few renewable propane refiners in the US in southern states like Louisiana and out west in California. California’s AltAir Fuels produces renewable propane as a coproduct of sustainable jet fuel. In Europe, even more commercial production plants are being developed.

As usage of renewable propane increases, it will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions nationwide, helping fight the effects of climate change.

Propane in eastern North Carolina

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