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Whole-House Propane Generators

Posted: March 14, 2022

The benefits for your household

generator installation north carolinaThere are many compelling reasons to invest in a whole-house propane generator for your eastern North Carolina home. And Cherry Energy expertly installs whole-house generators that can be integrated with your home comfort systems so that your family is safe and comfortable in all types of weather.

With extreme weather events becoming more and more common and given that our nation’s energy grid is aging and often overtaxed, we can expect the frequency of power outages to increase. With a whole-house generator designed to power on instantly and automatically whenever there’s a power outage, you can have peace of mind and prepare your home for the unexpected.

The Kohler and Generac whole-house generators that Cherry Energy sells and installs will provide your home with however much power you need. They can keep the lights on and the fridge running. They can also keep all your electronics charged and functioning so you can work from home. Do you have a security system or medical equipment? A whole-house generator can power all of the above and more.

6 benefits of using a whole-house generator

Because they are designed to start within seconds of a power outage, whole-house generators keep your house up and running with virtually no interruption. Less than one minute after the power goes out, your generator will start powering your HVAC system and all your home’s electrical appliances. Here are six benefits of using a whole-house generator:

  1. Your food will be preserved. Your fridge and freezer will keep running, and you’ll still be able to use your stove and oven. None of your food will go to waste because of a power outage. That’s money saved.
  2. You’ll avoid water damage. If there’s flooding because of a storm, your electric-powered sump-pump will still work, so you’ll be able to avoid expensive water damage.
  3. You’ll avoid frozen pipes. Since your home’s heating system will continue to work, you’ll avoid the damage and expense of frozen or burst pipes if the power goes out on a freezing cold day.
  4. You’ll keep your family safe. Your home security system will continue to protect your loved ones and valuables.
  5. You’ll be able to stay connected. Your whole-house generator can power all of your important electronic devices to help you stay connected, informed, and entertained during a power outage.
  6. Your family will enjoy uninterrupted comfort. Even if you have a gas furnace or boiler, a power outage will affect it because certain components still require electricity. A whole-house generator means you can keep your family comfortable no matter what the weather is like outside.

Do you have enough propane?

How much propane is enough? It’s a good idea to always have enough propane on hand to run your generator for at least one week. And whenever you need more, you can contact Cherry Energy to schedule your next propane delivery or sign up for our auto-fill service.

Choose Cherry Energy

If you’re looking to buy a whole-house generator, come to Cherry Energy. We have been a family-owned enterprise since 1928, and we offer superior service and expertise. In addition to whole-house generators, we also sell portable propane generators. Visit our online showroom to see the variety of products we offer and to find the one that best suits your needs.

Generators provide peace of mind. And Cherry Energy can help you find the perfect standby power solution for your needs and budget. Visit us online or in-person today to learn more.