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Winter Fuel Deliveries

Posted: January 9, 2023

Make Sure You’re Ready

winter delivery north carolina Winter is here, and that brings with it a specific set of responsibilities and considerations. Here at Cherry Energy, we value safety. It’s our top priority. We’re also one of the most forward-looking oil and gas companies in eastern North Carolina. So in the interest of being safety conscious and looking towards the future, let’s make sure you’re prepared for your winter fuel deliveries, especially when there’s a winter storm.

Important Things to Do Before and After a Winter Storm

At Cherry Energy, it’s our goal to safely and reliably deliver your fuel—whether you’re one of our propane delivery or heating oil delivery customers. There are some simple things you can do (especially before and after a winter storm) for your own safety and convenience as well as the safety of our delivery team.

Here are some steps to take before a winter storm:

  1. Mark your propane tank’s location with a bright-colored flag, pole, or stake that is higher than the average snow cover depth for your area.
  2. Always make sure you have an adequate supply of fuel in your tank. In the event of a storm, roads leading to your home might not be accessible for delivery. So especially during the winter months, call for delivery well before your tank is less than one quarter full.
  3. Make a list of instructions on how to turn off the electricity, propane, and water to your home.
  4. If you’re one of our propane customers, review the propane safety section of our website.

Here are some steps to take after a winter storm:

  1. If our driver will have to park in your driveway to complete the delivery, please make sure to keep your driveway free of snow and ice. And remember that our fuel trucks are wider than a car.
  2. Make sure there’s a safe path to your oil fill pipe or propane tank that’s at least one-foot in width.
  3. Clear snow and ice from around your propane tank. If pipes freeze and crack, gas can leak out and create a potential danger.
  4. Clear snow and ice away from all outdoor vents, chimneys, and flues. Whenever possible, use a broom instead of a shovel so you won’t damage your propane system.
  5. Clear heavy snow and ice from regulators, regulator vents, piping, tubing, and valves. Appliance vents, chimneys, and flues must be kept clear of snow and ice so appliances can vent properly.
  6. Check your propane tank, appliances, chimneys, flue pipes, and vent connectors. If you see any damage or blockages, call Cherry Energy immediately.

Here are some general reminders for fuel delivery:

  1. Make sure we have your current contact information so that we’re able to reach you if something unexpected happens on delivery day.
  2. Make sure to keep all of your pets under your control and don’t leave your children unsupervised on delivery day. This is for everyone’s safety.
  3. Sign up for Auto-Fill and never have to worry about ordering fuel again. Our Auto-Fill customers receive our best prices and our propane customers with tanks of 250 gallons or more are covered by our “no-run-out” policy.

Trust Cherry Energy

At Cherry Energy safety is our top priority as we provide our Southeast customers with high-quality and competitively-priced services and products.

If you live in Eastern North Carolina, contact Cherry Energy today to learn more about the smarter energy solutions we offer for your home.