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Marine Fuel

The most reliable supply of ValvTect marine fuel in North Carolina

Marine fuel

Your boat’s engine works harder than a car or truck engine, which is why it can use up to 10 times more fuel every hour it operates.

That workload also makes your boat’s engine more susceptible to problems caused by ethanol-blended gasoline, including corrosion and fuel instability.

That’s why Cherry Energy supplies ValvTect Marine Gasoline for our customers. Specially formulated for marine engines, ValvTect prevents problems associated with Ethanol-based fuels, including phase separation, moisture, instability and the formation of power-robbing carbon deposits.

Choose ValvTect Marine Fuel rather than Ethanol-based auto fuel and you’ll get:

ValvTect Marine Diesel

Today’s low and ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels destabilize quickly, contain more moisture and are more susceptible to bacterial growth and filter plugging than higher sulfur diesel fuels. They also lubricate poorly, which can lead to premature injector and fuel pump wear.

ValvTect Marine Premium Diesel is formulated to prevent problems caused by lower sulfur content. It contains BioGuard™ – a biocide that improves lubrication, helps to better disburse water and inhibit corrosion and stabilizes fuel.

Choose ValvTect Marine Fuel rather than commercial diesel fuel and you’ll get:

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