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Be free of out-of-gas worries – sign up for the Auto-Fill delivery option from Cherry Energy today

No one likes to trek out to the propane or heating oil tank in the middle of winter to see how much fuel they have left – or even worse, to find out that the fuel has already run out when their shower suddenly runs cold.

That’s why Cherry Energy offers a convenient Auto-Fill delivery option to take the hassle out of ordering propane and heating oil for your home.

How Auto-Fill works

With Auto-Fill, Cherry Energy will schedule deliveries based on your average fuel use and weather conditions, usually getting your propane or heating oil to you when your tank is about one-quarter full.

That means you’ll be prepared for any long cold spell, and that you’ll prevent run-outs and their consequences – like the expense of having your burner restarted or damage from water pipes that freeze and burst.*

Sign up today for Auto-Fill from Cherry Energy and never worry about ordering propane or heating oil again!

* If an automatic delivery customer runs out of fuel, and usage patterns have not changed significantly, Cherry Energy will immediately dispatch an on-call driver to refill the tank, relight the burner (at no charge) and then credit the customer $50 for the inconvenience. This guarantee does not apply to tank sizes of 123 gallons or smaller.