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Jones County, NC

Diesel Fuel Delivery and Service in Jones County, NC

Cherry Energy has the quality off-road diesel your business needs

Cherry Energy offers everything you need to make fueling your diesel-powered fleet of vehicles and equipment simple and cost-effective, from dependable delivery of diesel fuels to assisting you in streamlining your diesel fuel services.

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Our Services

On-road diesel. Have your fleet vehicles fueled up and ready to go each day by having your diesel fuel on-site. Drivers don’t lose time looking for a gas station while on the road, fuel theft is dramatically reduced, and monitoring your fleet’s fuel usage is faster and easier. Our ultra-low sulfur on-road diesel fuel creates 90% fewer emissions than traditional on-road diesel, which is safer for your workers and the environment.

Off-road diesel. If you need diesel fuel for equipment like backhoes, generators, or excavators, you can fuel them with off-road diesel and avoid paying the federal excise tax, saving your business money. Our ultra-low sulfur off-road diesel fuel burns cleaner, creating less wear on your equipment.

Know that you will always have the diesel fuel you need when you need it with our Auto-Fill delivery service. We offer remote monitoring and forecasting options so you can better control your diesel fuel supply and costs.

Onsite diesel fuel delivery. Having your diesel fuel supply at your business or jobsite increases efficiency. We’ll create a customized delivery plan for you.
Volume discounts. If you use a lot of diesel fuel, you may be eligible for large-tank or high-volume discounts that will improve your bottom line.

Project management services. Cherry Energy puts its commercial fuels expertise to work for you when it comes to helping you manage diesel fuel supplies and services for your projects.

Jones County businesses appreciate Cherry Energy!

off road diesel in jones county
We purchase tens of thousands of gallons of fuel each year from Cherry Energy and over the years have always received excellent service from Jay, Jason, and the rest of their staff. Thanks for going above and beyond what we experienced with some of our other vendors in the past.” – Walter L.

Cherry Energy is a great company. Service is prompt and on time. A company that one can count on. A company that is honest. A company that is trustworthy. A company cares for its customers.” –Willie N.

Jones County: A beautiful Low Country place

Jones County was created in 1779 with land that had previously been a part of Craven County. It was named for Willie Jones, who was a North Carolina delegate to the Continental Congress in 1780.

It remains a quiet area despite its proximity to the coast. There are lots of outdoor recreation opportunities, including the Croatan National Forest.

Notable natives and residents of Jones County include:

Cherry Energy has the diesel fuels and services that will help your Jones County business grow and flourish! Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.