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Propane Autogas

propane autogas kinston, nc

Autogas – the smart solution for your fleet

Propane Autogas (also called liquefied petroleum gas, LPG or propane) has been one of the best-kept secrets in vehicle fuel in North America for years.

But smart fleet managers are making the switch and not turning back (just like we did).

autogas kinston, nc

If you’re ready to make the move to propane power, Cherry Energy can guide you through every step of converting your light- to medium-duty fleet, with services that include:

Learn more about the Autogas Advantage below – or contact us today to get on the road to smarter fleet fueling.

Why switch to autogas?

  1. It’s economical. Autogas is the lowest priced alternative fuel available for fleet use, even when you factor in conversion costs – especially when you take tax benefits and incentives into account.
  2. It saves wear and tear on your vehicles…and on the planet. Because propane burns cleaner than gasoline, your fleet will run longer and spend less time in the shop. Clean, green propane also emits less C02 and smog-producing hydrocarbon than gasoline, which helps the environment.
  3. It’s a “now” fuel. Propane is already produced in natural gas and oil refineries, so no new technology or infrastructure is needed for the industry to grow.
  4. It’s reliable. Autogas has been used as a vehicle fuel for millions of cars for decades – in fact it’s the third most common vehicle fuel in the world.
  5. It’s safe. Propane tanks are 20 times as puncture resistant as gasoline tanks – and among alternative motor fuels, propane has the lowest flammability range.
  6. It’s made in the USA. More than 90 percent of the autogas we use in the U.S. is made within our borders, so every gallon you buy reduces our country’s dependence on foreign oil.

Contact Cherry Energy today to discover the Autogas Advantage for your fleet!